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VIA - Next Generation AIOps Application

Purpose Built to Improve the Customer Service Experience

VIA AIOps provides customers experience assurance while decreases operating costs.

VIA sees more with total ecosystem observability and its explainable AI provides automated root cause analysis and automated remedial actions that can easily be checked and verified by human operators. Through automated learning of dependencies and service ontology, VIA AIOps correlates service failures to application, network or infrastructure failures, providing your customers experience assurance.

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  • Telecommunications

    Today, Telcos are fully engaged in 5G, enabling digital transformation for clients and adding more services to attract and retain subscribers. Boosting the subscriber service experience reduces churn, but without AI and automation the cost to provide this service experience skyrockets. Next generation AIOps promises to prescribe actions you can take today to prevent service interruptions in the future.
    Get ahead of the failure curve with VIA AIOps.

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  • Cable Operators

    Cable operators are providing a richer menu of features and streaming content to win more subscriber eyeballs more hours of the day. Interrupting a sporting event before the final score or a movie before the boy gets the girl impacts how viewers rate the service and even how much they are willing to pay. Cable operators and streaming services depend on AI and automation to provide more choice without more cost.
    Lower maintenance costs with VIA AIOps.

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  • Financial Services

    Brick and mortar banking gives way to an increasing menu of digitized banking services. Insurers respond to demand for contactless payments, policy renewals and claims processing. Emerging fintech rely on digitized services to simplify investing and saving. Essential financial services require AI and automation to respond to mobile and online customers in real time and prevent repeat failures from impacting services.
    Go live with confidence with VIA AIOps.

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  • Healthcare

    Patient access to healthcare is changing. There are few sectors in which speed is more important than in healthcare - minutes save lives and accuracy determines outcomes. All the while the cost of healthcare is exploding. Telehealth platforms and telemedicine will enable ‘hospital at home’ programs and provide care to the most remote and disadvantaged populations. AI and automation enable digitized platforms to offer critical care to more patients.
    Protect life-saving services with VIA AIOps.

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