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Transform Operations using VIA

Each of your clients realize value from implementing real time and predictive analytics along-side their extended operations suite. If you specialize in consulting or integration services, or you are a hardware/software vendor looking to enhance the value of your monitoring solution, VIA provides a fast path to applying analytics across the entire operations continuum.

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Digital Transformation is in Demand

Analysts estimate that more than half of infrastructure investments will be applied to digital operations. The ability to optimize full stack performance and move from reactive to proactive response and automated actions remains an IT operations priority. Partners can start with limited engagements measured in months, to full programs measured in years, with a multiplier effect on the deployed software.

VIA accelerates the development of reusable project artifacts. This provides VIA Partners with the ability to produce their own licensable software components, modules or applications.

VIA AIOps Platform and VIA Digital Operations Suite drive high value revenue for
managed services related to operations, support and change management.

Why Companies Partner with Vitria

vitria is a top digital transformation consulting provider

The VIA AIOps Platform and the VIA Digital Operations Suite provide our partners endless opportunities to provide their clients with valuable insights into their data – insights that enable actions and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Simply put, VIA creates revenue opportunities across the entire Digital Transformation lifecycle. VIA is a horizontal platform with vertical starter apps and an open core architecture which accelerates time to value:

Packaged templates can be customized to enhance the baseline solution

Subject matter experts quickly create new templates to be sold across multiple verticals

VIA’s Visual Designer reduces the skills required to modify and manage the product

Solutions built on the VIA horizontal platform run centralized, distributed or hybrid; on premise as a managed service or in the cloud


Business Value for You and Your Clients

Despite an extensive array of monitors and managers, your clients may be looking for greater control and faster response to service disrupting incidents. Our Partners value their ability to:

• Quick Start their digital operations practice to help clients discover and apply the hidden value in their data, existing infrastructure and people.

Standardize on a scalable enterprise grade platform.

Accelerate success by developing repeatable business solutions across multiple industries.

We bring the software. Partners use it to build, enhance, integrate and modify solutions – providing their clients the digital experience they need for transformation.

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  • New Market Offerings
  • Whether it be managed services, professional services or system integration, leveraging IoT data and implementing machine learning has become a must for a resilient business. These new value added services come with increased complexity and longer implementation times. VIA offers the ability to quickly add differentiating and unique value added services to your offering. The combination of your subject matter expertise and VIA's collectively exhaustive standalone tools provides opportunities for new revenue and acquisition of new customers and entry into new market segments. Value-added services based on reusable IP and more value for the customer and increased profitability for your business.

  • Your IP and Multiple-use cases One Common Platform & Tools
  • The increasing complexity of the big data space demands a modular solution that can handle the wide range of scenarios found in the market. The increase in data variability, velocity and veracity results in added complexity and a one size fits all solution or offering is no longer scalable and / or differentiated.

    Implementing solutions on vanilla open source technologies or proprietary technologies and frame works is no longer an obstacle. With VIA your solutions will be platform and footprint agnostic.

  • Accelerated Time to Deliver
  • VIA's capabilities and Vitria's support services help accelerate time to delivery:

    Built-in modeling tools foster a "low code" environment that reduces the need for rare Big Data skill set requirements. VIA tools have reusable abstraction layers that reduce or even eliminate the need for custom engineering for each customer.

    VIA's Platform Crash Course - includes a week of training on cutting edge integration, analytics, automation & visualization tools.

    Pre-built demos provide tangible solution examples for both learning and sales tools

Partner With Vitria

Partnership Benefits

The Vitria Partner Model enables our partners to resell the software and provide services or our partners can bring VIA to sell through the software retaining services revenue for themselves. In both cases, our Partners use the software to build, enhance, integrate and modify solutions – providing their clients the digital experience they need for transformation.

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