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Data driving impact. Reduce Impact of Incidents with VIA.

Optimizing service assurance with AI, ML, and real time analytics

Businesses rely on in house or outsourced network operators to ensure predictable and reliable availability of essential network services.

  • More employees are working from mobile devices.
  • Analysts estimate that the average enterprise uses over 1900 different cloud services.
  • An increasing number of highly specialized SaaS apps are created for every department – apps that are constantly changing.

Measurable Outcomes with VIA AIOps

End-to-End Service Assurance with VIA AIOps

Enhancing the customer experience while reducing operational cost, VIA leverages AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics to reduce alarm noise, detect earlier, uncover the root cause and prescribe actions. VIA AIOps multiplies the value of existing monitoring tools and processes by integrating with and correlating across them.

AIOps for content streaming customer support funnel
AIOps for content streaming customer support funnel
AIOps for content streaming customer support funnel

VIA AIOps Features

Learn more about VIA AIOps key features by clicking the feature icons.

  • Scales to billions of analyzed data points
  • Supports mission critical applications reliably
  • Enables integration with existing service management and monitoring systems
  • Collects, enriches and analyzes streaming data in real time
  • Supports cloud and traditional environments for fault and performance management processes across operational silos
  • Dynamic analysis and root cause identification across vertical and horizontal application and workload layers.
  • Makes existing systems and fix agents more efficient with intelligent and timely insights
  • Integrates with incident management systems and existing tools to open, close or update a ticket, engage the right fix agent, and notify other teams affected by the symptoms of the event
  • Uncovers the how and why of system behavior to enable active response
  • Creates comprehensive ontology through learned and taught application and service dependencies
  • Provides advanced anomaly detection using intraday seasonal baselines computed automatically for metrics and event streams
  • Updates baselines on each metric and dimension continuously and autonomously as data is collected.
  • Captures signals and outliers that simple threshold boundary conditions miss
  • Identifies behavioral changes to accelerate diagnostic analysis and finds the root cause through affinity analysis that goes far beyond temporal correlation to include ontological overlap
  • Group signals from across the technology stack reducing noise and discovering root cause
  • Determines if events and signals are related and whether they should be treated together as a single incident or separately through AI-powered correlation and affinity analysis
  • Combines Artificial Intelligence and human intelligence delivering what-if analyses on system configuration changes to further optimize system performance
  • Intuitive and dynamic UI with persona-based views
  • Delivers the best information at the right times to the right people
    • Dashboard, graphic and table views
    • Flexible and dynamic ad hoc forensic analysis
    • Views created automatically within minutes based on the situation, issue, or incident
  • Accepts metrics, logs, event and trace data
    • Ingests data via native connectors from applications, network and infrastructure monitoring tools
    • Onboards raw data in standard and non-standard formats
  • Collects and runs data in cloud-native environments from a wide range of sources
  • Ingests never before data feeds in less than one hour with VIA’s Signal onboarding
    • Does not require data to fit a specific data model or data specifications
    • Eliminates the development of thousands of lines of code to ingest and parse data sets
  • Automates the preparation and capture of MIB data for use in fault and performance management

VIA AIOps End-to-End Service Assurance

VIA AIOps use case

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