Improve The Customer Experience For Your Digitized Services

Today’s global environment finds customers across all markets becoming more dependent on contactless transactions – especially with their financial services providers. These customers share a common expectation: safe, secure and consistently excellent service without interruption.

So, it’s easy to understand why it’s a bad day when a customer using an increasing number of digitized services reports an incomplete transaction or a complete lockout before your service operations team sees the signals of a problem.

Banks, credit unions and insurers understand the importance of customer loyalty. From extending relationships by offering more adjacent services to consistently delivering an always on customer experience you demonstrate how important your customers are to you.

VIA AIOps is a Next Generation AIOps Application

VIA identifies and isolates problems on the noisiest days. VIA orchestrates statistical methods, dependency mapping across the service delivery ecosystem and uses machine learning, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics to automate remediation. VIA AIOps will:

  • Detect relationships across entities
  • Detect patterns of signals from layers of the service infrastructure to uncover meaningful anomalies
  • VIA deploys BEACONS™, a secondary layer of analysis, to detect anomalies most likely to impact service
  • VIA AIOps provides impact analysis to determine which customers will be impacted by the anomalies
  • Implementing VIA increases the efficiency of your response teams, lowers cost, and provides experience assurance for your customers

How a Top-Tier North American Cable Operator Used VIA AIOps to Reduce Unnecessary Technician Visits

VIA AIOps – Data Driving Actions

VIA AIOps is an application designed to improve the service experience for customers using your digitized services. VIA AIOps combines complete ecosystem observability, explainable AI to provide customers with service experience assurance.

  • Built on an open core foundation – scales to billions of analyzed data points.
  • Observability and real time analytics contextualize and correlate ingested data.
  • Uncovers the how and why of system behavior to enable active response.
  • Contextualize problems to identify customer impact.
  • VIA BEACONS eliminate signal overload – illuminating impactful signals.
  • Highly visual, intuitive interface enables forensic analysis and what-if analysis.

Considering an AIOps Application?

Check out this comprehensive market guide for AIOps applications to help you identify your company’s needs and evaluate AIOps solutions to find the best fit.


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