About Us
Our mission is to empower businesses to provide a sustainable, competitive customer service experience by deploying next generation AIOps.
  • Founded

    Founded in 1994, with long history of success in streaming analytics, business process management, enterprise application integration, operational intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things) analytics across enterprises and vertical markets.

  • Operating Locations

    US, China, UK, Spain, Japan with franchises in Latin America, Malaysia and Korea

  • Patents

    Patented technologies in Streaming Analytics, Business Process Management, and
    Publish-Subscribe Communication

  • Market Expertise
    • AIOps for Business Value – quantifiable improvements in revenue and profitability.
    • AIOps for Flawless Agility – correlating problems, issues and change across millions of endpoints.
    • AIOps for Digital Experience Management – prioritizing issues impacting real-time experience.
    • AIOps for Customer Experience – quantifiable improvements in retention and NPS.
    • Supporting petabytes of data across billions of unique values in the most complex environments.
    • Interconnected with leading ITSM, APM, NPM and ITOM vendors.

Our Journey


Vitria offers the VIA AIOps Platform, a wide-scope AIOps platform that enables closed-loop automation across all layers of service delivery to improve customer experience and optimize operations.

Clients can ingest, analyze and act on realtime data and gather and correlate new sources with VIA’s low-code toolkit and pluggable analytics framework.

2016 – 2019

Clients adopt the VIA Digital Operations Solution and gain improved efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, while lowering OPEX, reducing churn and opening new revenue opportunities.

We introduce the Digital Operations Suite that delivers business value 10X faster than alternatives.

Vitria launches solution accelerator templates based on VIA, an agile, fast and simplified approach to digital transformation.

2010 – 2015

Vitria launches the VIA Analytics Platform to empower customers to achieve better business outcomes faster through streaming analytics and intelligent actions.

Customers adopt Vitria Operational Intelligence for customer experience management, smart grid assurance and cyber security use cases.

Ventana Research and DataWeek award Vitria Technology innovation awards.

2005 – 2010

We introduced the industry’s first Operational intelligence platform that unified real-time analytics with process management capabilities.

2000 - 2005

Vitria used as the backbone for mission critical applications by the world’s largest telcos, financial services and healthcare organizations.

1994 – 2000

Vitria transforms the middleware market with BusinessWare and is first to market with Business Process Management.