5G is revolutionizing the network and IT landscape

by | Jun 8, 2022 | 1 comment

5G is revolutionizing the network and IT landscape for telcos and enterprise IT. Telcos are implementing new architectures, new patterns for managing networks at scale with increasing pressure on attracting and retaining talent. The expected spend by telephony service providers is expected to be $240 billion. In the meantime, telcos are struggling with lower average revenues per users (ARPU) and the increasing presence of competitors.

For the enterprise, the advent of new age, ultra-low latency applications and the challenging requirements of high bandwidth are increasing pressure on IT to consider new ways of managing network availability and performance.

The migration journey of 4G to 5G for telcos and the migration from Wifi networks to private 5G for the enterprise is driving a review of the cloud stack and platforms and processes for operating the network. 5G presents endless opportunities for modernization and 5G increases the complexity of network architectures and the operational processes and burdens on the service teams tasked with sustaining the customer experience.

These modern networks are complex and difficult to manage at scale. Cisco and its partner, Vitria, are working together to provide telcos and enterprise IT a performance and fault management solution that is up to the task. Vitria’s VIA AIOps enables Service Operations to provide customer experience assurance while decreasing operating costs. By using VIA AIOps, Service operations is assured that they will know about service impacting issues before the calls pour into the call center.

Cisco chose VIA AIOps to improve performance and fault management. VIA complements Cisco Crosswork platform, an automated assurance solution. In demanding network service scenarios, they found that VIA delivers value by providing a macro view of the performance baseline along with any anomalies and root causes related to it.

What’s different about VIA AIOps? VIA AIOps is the next generation solution that detects what’s happening, discovers the root cause and prescribes the right action to reverse downtime. VIA AIOps automates decisions to solve problems that put your customers at risk by breaking down each incident by component parts – information related to root cause including key symptoms, impacted populations, duration/severity of the incident – to define probable root cause. VIA’s automated targeted remediation prevents issues from recurring in the future.

Providing a positive customer experience is a team sport and VIA’s custom dashboards improve efficiency of all users and personas. Only VIA provides relevance ranking – a feature where users rank the root cause, while a subscript keeps track of how many users review and up vote on accuracy. We call this digital fingerprinting. Using digital fingerprinting increases confidence in prescribed actions. Research shows that lack of confidence dooms automation initiatives – confidence in the automation delivers the value.

Service providers, telephony providers, hyperscalers are leveling up to automated massive scale network management with VIA AIOps and Cisco Crosswork platform.


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