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The changing world of telco assurance

New Insights: What’s Next For Network Assurance Solutions

5G, SDN, and NFV Technologies Are Reshaping The Future of Telco and The Next Wave of Assurance Solutions

Charlotte Patrick – an independent consultant and former Gartner analyst – offers insight into the future of telco assurance requirements and solutions. Pressures from a new hybrid network, budgetary constraints, and customer experience expectations are pushing telcos to deploy greater assurance capabilities. Are you ahead of the curve?

Telco Assurance is entering a new phase ushered in by 5G and technologies such as SDN/NFV:

  • The deployment of 5G and creation of a hybrid network environment generates significantly more data to be analysed and multiple new assurance needs.
  • The network, OSS and operational teams are under budgetary pressure to support these new networks and the services running over them at low cost. This leads to a focus on automation and new machine learning capabilities to reduce costs.
  • Customer experience will be under increasing threat from other telco priorities, including the need to support new low-margin products like IoT which will require low-cost assurance. Also, a reduced product development cycle creates multiple new products that need to be assured.

Vitria provides a next-generation AIOps platform to support telcos in this next phase of their network development. We focus on providing a light-weight, flexible solution that enables telcos to understand their customer’s experience across domains through the increasing noise and complexity of new network builds. The solution identifies symptoms and the possible root cause of customer-impacting issues, which enables automation, self-healing and continuous transformation.

Download the white paper to learn more.

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