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Realize a service oriented operating model with VIA AIOps

Achieve Dramatic Gains In Operational Performance With A Next Generation AIOps Application

Learn How VIA AIOps Helped This Large Telecommunications Service Provider Move To A Service-Oriented Operating Model

A large, growing Telecommunications Service Provider was moving to a service-oriented operating model. Their challenge was to map their customers’ journeys and think holistically about their processes.

They wanted to cut through the capabilities of networking, application software, and infrastructure that were often siloed within their service and IT operations. Additionally, they needed a consistent way of looking at the health of all of their services.

Moving to a service-oriented operating model involving 40 use cases across multiple business services. They needed a solution capable of:

  • Integrating workflows
  • Synthesizing and analyzing service data across service layers
  • Reducing manual processes through automation
  • Eliminating hand-offs between service stovepipes
  • Changing the norm of behavior from being reactive to proactive and address anomalies before they impact service performance
  • Processing data and visualizing customer service processing in real-time

After implementing VIA AIOps, this Telecommunications Service Provider not only achieved its goals but was able to dramatically reduce its incident lifecycle processes from 12 hours to 30 minutes.

Download the case study to learn more about how VIA AIOps reduces incident lifecycle processes, decreases operating costs by millions, and significantly improves the customer experience.

realize a service oriented operating model with via aiops use case