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Destination: AIOps

Make Your Single Pane of Glass Actionable

Why AIOps? To Increase Efficiency, Lower Costs, and Improve The Customer Experience.

IT transformation is critical to businesses that will compete and thrive in the digital age. Yet, most organizations are far from a perfect 2020 vision. Despite the obvious strategic advantage that IT can provide, in some companies, it is still viewed as a cost center and operations continue to be challenged by numerous complex issues.

VIA AIOps provides for cross domain data collection improving mean time to repair (MTTR) and ultimately the customer experience. Spending an estimated 4+ hours on each and every incident puts a drain on human resources. Inevitable finger pointing occurs as IT team members struggle to manually correlate data. AI and ML minimize the number of data points and make IT resources more productive.

  • Collect data from disparate IT entities and siloed systems
  • Correlate data from different sources
  • Configurable templates simplify dashboards to simplify understanding and value realization Data Sources include:
  • Rawlogs
  • Time series metrics
  • Asynchronous events
  • Data from deployed APM, ITIM, ITSM and EMS/NMS solutions

Download the eBook to learn why AIOps is the vision correction for IT Operations and a desirable destination for your future.

Download the eBook to get started.

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