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Content streaming service improves the digital experience

Why This Streaming Service Chose VIA AIOps For Digital Experience Management

Avoid Over 11 Million Service Access Failures Per Year With VIA AIOps For Digital Experience Management

Streaming service providers are seeing an increasing number of subscribers to a greater number of streaming services. To continue experiencing profitable growth, providers must manage the costs associated with scaling infrastructure and continuous service updates. This means reducing the number of service failures and investing in digital experience management.

Before implementing VIA AIOps, a popular streaming service with over 30 million subscribers was experiencing a higher than expected failure rate, driving up cancellations and call center costs. While the provider had already invested in several monitoring tools, the tools only monitored siloed data, leaving Operations with limited visibility and insight. 

They needed a solution the provided real-time visibility across the entire service delivery ecosystem, along with the ability to detect, triage, and mitigate customer-impacting issues quickly. Enter VIA, a next-generation AIOps application delivering:

  • Total ecosystem observability – a holistic view of the entire service delivery supply chain.
  • Explainable AI – plain language explanations for analytics builds trust and confidence in automation.
  • Experience Assurance  – a five-star experience your customers will trust.

Download the case study to learn how VIA AIOps reduced service failure rates by 28% and saved this streaming service $2.3 million dollars per year.

aiops use case for network operations