Content streaming services are experiencing exponential growth

  • Increasing numbers of subscribers and their daily screen hours are outpacing industry expectations.
  • Demand for in home entertainment, availability of high-speed bandwidth and an increasing number of personal devices are driving growth.
  • Call center overruns can eat up profits if ignored.

Service Challenge: Predictable Digital Experience

Application failure rates impacting a large number of subscribers floods the contact center and threatens renewals.Delivering on a desirable digital experience often requires more than monitoring and human intelligence can provide.Service providers require automated root cause analysis to provide fast and accurate response and remediation.Explainable AI and an analytic sandbox enable automation that service providers trust. How can you make it happen?

  • Move beyond monitoring and add TOTAL ECOSYSTEM OBSERVABILITY
  • Trust automation by implementing EXPLAINABLE AI and WHAT IF ANALYSIS
  • Insist on automated root cause analysis to prevent service interruption


VIA AIOps enables the optimal DIGITAL EXPERIENCE

How an Over-the-Top Video Service Provider Used VIA AIOps to Improve Their Customer’s Digital Experience

VIA AIOps – Data Driving Actions

  • Built on an open core foundation – scales to billions of analyzed data points.
  • Observability and real time analytics contextualize and correlate ingested data.
  • Uncovers the how and why of system behavior to enable active response.
  • Contextualize problems to identify customer impact.
  • VIA BEACONS eliminate signal overload – illuminating impactful signals.
  • Highly visual, intuitive interface enables forensic analysis and what-if analysis.

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