Industry Trends in IoT Analytics

As a provider of an IoT Analytics Platform that can be applied to a wide range of use cases across many industries, we enjoy a vantage point that enables us to see trends that cut across many industries. Three of the industries that have been the most aggressive adopters of IoT Analytics are retailers, manufacturers, and utilities. All three of these industries have their specialized use cases, and we also see a common theme of using IoT Analytics to provide superior customer experiences.

It is clear from recent industry research from many firms that customer analytics is the #1 ranked investment focused on transforming customer experiences. In particular, real-time analytics is driving new and enhanced experiences and services for customers in many industries. The ability to contextualize experiences for customers in real-time will increasingly become a competitive differentiator.

Executive and managers in these industries are implementing these customer-centric innovations while also streamlining supply chain and back office operations to facilitate and accelerate the personalized experiences for customers.

We recently took a step back to summarize the research we have seen and our own experiences in Infographic form. It is interesting to see the rapidly evolving IoT Analytics market at both an industry specific level as well as the overall patterns of adoption. Click at right to learn more about the trends in your industry.

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