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IoT Analytics Unification is the Key
Mike Houston

IoT Analytics – Unification is the Hot Topic

One of the strong undercurrents in the evolution of the IoT market has the need for unification for IoT to generate more substantial business value.

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Nathalie Reginster

Retail and IoT Adoption – Integration is the Key

Retail is one of the most dynamic segments for IoT adoption. Gaining the ability to track and manage supply chain activity is a natural for IoT Analytics.

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Breaking the Bottle Neck
Dale Skeen

Breaking the IoT Analytics Bottleneck

Writing code is a major bottleneck
in IoT Analytics projects. Learn about
our Low Code/No Code Visual
Development Environment!

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John Rumasuglia

Un-Tapped Potential of IoT in the Oil & Gas Industry

If the Oil & Gas Industry fully leveraged the latest advances in IoT and advanced analytics, they could cut CapEx by 20%, among lots of other opportunities.

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Mike Houston

IoT Analytics in Utilities: You Should Believe the News You Are Reading

Headline news is catching up to what we are seeing first hand – the increase of the pace and investment growth in IoT Analytics for Utilities.

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IoT Complementary Platforms - Nokia and Vitria
Mike Houston

Nokia WING & IMPACT – Two Well Named IoT Offerings from Nokia

Nokia has been busy in the IoT ecosystem and we are excited to see how their new offerings will enable faster IoT adoption & generation of business value.

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Explore how Service Resource Management is changing with IIoT
Mike Houston

Supply Chain and IoT: The Service Relationship Management Use Case

IoT & Analytics allows for data integration in real-time creating new opportunities in Service Relationship Management that can generate substantial value.

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Mike Houston

Supply Chain & IoT – The Pace is Accelerating

Supply chain optimization and planning is among the hottest topics in IoT. We are gaining understanding about how IoT will be a trans-formative force.

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IoT Analytics needs 4 Capabilities to Complement Open Source Tools
Mike Houston

IoT Analytics Needs Four Capabilities to Complement Open Source Tools

Open Source Tools are Good but are Not
Enough for Enterprise-Ready IoT Analytics.
IoT Analytics Requires much more.

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Mike Houston

More 2017 Predictions for IoT Analytics

There have been an explosion of predictions around IoT Analytics for 2017. Here are the 4 themes we feel are likely to dominate the upcoming year…

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