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    VIA by Vitria
    The Automated Analytics Platform

    Empower your business to make sense of the data to analyze faster, act smarter and innovate rapidly

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    The true value of IoT comes from the ability to analyze, decide, and act in real-time.

    ~ Dr. JoMei Chang, CEO & Co-Founder

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    Advanced Analytics
    for Energy Utilities

    Learn how leveraging an IoT analytics platform can drive value!

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    Vitria Delivers Cloud of Things Analytics

    Vitria is the leader in Cloud of Things (CoT) analytics. Its VIA real-time analytics
    solution transforms streaming data into actions that improve business operations.

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    Industry Trends
    in IoT Analytics

    IoT Analytics is a Catalyst for Growth
    Across a Growing Range of Industries

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    Vitria IoT Analytics

    Is your Team IoT Ready?

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Vitria Frost Sullivan Award

Business Benefits from VIA

With VIA, you can make sense of the increasing volume of data to change how you act.

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High-Performance Data Ingest

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Analytics Data Framework

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Configurable Templates

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Action-Oriented Analytics Value Chain

VIA is designed to handle the speed and volume of streaming data and to correlate all types of data to provide the context and insight needed for fast and reliable decision making. VIA’s action-oriented analytic value chain reveals what to do, to see what will change and take decisions and automate actions to improve business outcomes. Configurable templates enhance visualizations and accelerate deployment and adaptation of the platform to changing business requirements.

VIA Platform Capabilities

The VIA Platform leverages telemetry, elastic cloud computing, fast analytics, self-service model-driven development, and machine learning to apply the power of predictive and prescriptive analytics to IoT challenges and applications. It includes an intelligent actions and automation capability that is critical for creating value in IoT – taking timely action on analytics.

  • Industry Leaders like Ericsson, Starbucks and Samsung Trust Vitria
  • IDC

    Vitria’s Operational Intelligence Suite is designed to enable decision makers to respond in real-time to changing business conditions, thereby increasing operational efficiencies and overall responsiveness.

    Maureen Fleming Program Vice President

  • Indra

    Vitria Operational Intelligence has enabled Indra to rapidly deploy new customer experience management initiatives for our mobile telecom service provider clients.

    John Wallace Director of Telecommunications

  • TXU

    Customer service is crucial to maintaining our position as the leading energy company in the highly competitive Texas market. Vitria offers an integrated suite in which all components naturally work well together to provide real-time visibility across our internal information systems. This enables us to identify and correct service delivery issues before they occur and impact our customers.

    Kevin Chase CIO

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    We need a holistic picture of each individual customer’s experience so that we can proactively identify and resolve service issues before they negatively impact our customers Vitria Operational Intelligence offers a single user friendly platform that identifies and addresses our most important customer-facing issues and will allow us to enhance our service experience.

    Dave Akeroyd Head of OSS Strategy and Architecture