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    Vitria IoT Analytics Platform

    Vitria IoT Analytics platform provides you with deep insights in real-time and helps you take timely
    intelligent actions to transform your business operations.

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    5th Annual Utilities Analytics Week

    Join us Oct 31st-Nov 2 in Atlanta, GA USA.
    Contact us now to learn about Vitria’s Solutions for Utilities.

  • Explore Vitria's solution for Supply Chain Managment

    Optimize Your Supply Chain
    with Vitria IoT Analytics Platform

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Business Benefits

Vitria’s IoT Analytics Platform enables Visibility, Insight and Action for both IoT Networks and Business Processes. Transform your business operations and boost revenue growth through Faster Analytics, Smarter Actions, and Better Outcomes Faster.

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Faster Analytics

Faster analytics via
Unified Analytics Engine over
all data types and cycles.

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Smarter Actions

Smarter Actions enable better
outcomes by combining prescriptive
analytics with intelligent actions.

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Better Outcomes Faster

Self-service and automation capabilities empower
teams to accelerate time-to-value and create
analytics solutions in minutes vs. months.

See the integration of all types of analytics, intelligent actions, automation, and visualization in our platform capabilities

  • backc1Who We Are
  • Founded in 1994, with long history of success in streaming analytics, business process management, enterprise application integration, operational intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things) analytics across enterprises and vertical markets.

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  • Our mission is to empower customers to achieve better business outcomes
    faster via an advanced analytics platform that unifies real-time streaming analytics, historical analytics, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and intelligent actions.

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  • Vitria's Platform delivers Fast IoT Analytics via rapid analysis and intelligent action and automation to capture business value at the right moment. Our platform meets the requirements for success in the IoT era.


Platform Capabilities

Vitria IoT Analytics Platform has a comprehensive set of unified capabilities delivered as a service offering. It includes a powerful set of self-service tools and a unique unified analytics engine enabling you to leverage your existing data, analytics, and tools to get better business outcomes faster. Vitria IoT Analytics Platform is set to help accelerate IoT application development and use.

  • Industry Leaders like Ericsson, Starbucks and Samsung Trust Vitria
  • IDC

    Vitria’s Operational Intelligence Suite is designed to enable decision makers to respond in real-time to changing business conditions, thereby increasing operational efficiencies and overall responsiveness.

    Maureen Fleming Program Vice President

  • Gartner

    The TXU Energy Case Study demonstrates how a small development team can quickly implement a process monitoring solution that gives business people much-improved visibility into complicated business processes, leading to substantial improvements in customer service levels and customer satisfaction.

    W. Roy Schulte VP Distinguished Analyst

  • Indra

    Vitria Operational Intelligence has enabled Indra to rapidly deploy new customer experience management initiatives for our mobile telecom service provider clients.

    John Wallace Director of Telecommunications

  • TXU

    Customer service is crucial to maintaining our position as the leading energy company in the highly competitive Texas market. Vitria offers an integrated suite in which all components naturally work well together to provide real-time visibility across our internal information systems. This enables us to identify and correct service delivery issues before they occur and impact our customers.

    Kevin Chase CIO

  • o2

    We need a holistic picture of each individual customer’s experience so that we can proactively identify and resolve service issues before they negatively impact our customers Vitria Operational Intelligence offers a single user friendly platform that identifies and addresses our most important customer-facing issues and will allow us to enhance our service experience.

    Dave Akeroyd Head of OSS Strategy and Architecture