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What makes VIA unique from other fault management and performance management systems?

End-to-end service assurance

VIA automates the full life cycle with advanced, real time analytics to move from alarm noise reduction to anomaly detection to performance management and predictive analytics across the service stack.

Single solution for Fault Management and Performance Management

VIA supports both cloud and traditional environments for fault and performance management processes across operational silos with a single solution.

Full Stack observability

VIA AIOps accepts multiple data streams including metrics, events, logs, and traces. It supports both asynchronous event and time series data. Infrastructure, applications, and the network performance are all visible within the UI.

Automated Incident Management across service layers and applications

Signals coming from across the technology stack are grouped together. AI-powered correlation and affinity analysis determine if events and signals are related and if they should be treated together or separately. If they should be treated together a single incident is declared with root cause definition. This capability drives faster mean time to detect and resolve fault and performance issues and delivers significant improvement in the overall efficiency for operations staff.

Automates MIB data preparation and capture

This eliminates thousands of lines of code and the manual steps required for data preparation. With automation, new traps can be captured and deployed in the field without any vendor or programming requests.

What’s the difference between VIA AIOps and other AIOps applications and platforms?

Seasonal, intraday baselining with continuous updating

Learned seasonality for every metric and event stream enables faster detection of anomalies and outliers and reduces noise created by establishing thresholds that are too narrow or because thresholds have been established too wide.


Event Correlation beyond simple temporal correlation

Incident grouping within and across service layers is done based not only on time but affinity and the presence of beacons or triggers.  Unlike simple temporal correlation, behavioral changes can better identify root cause particularly in complex situations.


Ontology discovery and analysis

Ontology collects information on the logical, topological, and physical characteristics across devices, infrastructure, customers, and other contextual information.  This provides deeper and richer meta data to support the acceleration of anomaly detection across the service ecosystem.

Mission critical cloud monitoring of applications supported

VIA is designed to run and collect data in cloud-native environments.  Different input formats, encodings and channels from cloud-native metric collections systems can be combined without tagging. This improves monitoring across clusters vertically and horizontally.


Cisco DevNet Solutions Plus:

VIA is an approved Cisco partner and part of the the DevNet Solutions Plus program and can be purchased directly off the Cisco Global price list.

VIA AIOps offers end-to-end service assurance capabilities supporting fault management, performance management, and change assurance across the technology stack.  VIA’s unique capabilities and use of AI, MI, and real-time analytics deliver the ability to detect and resolve faults and performance issues faster in traditional environments as well as cloud-based application environments.

VIA AIOps End-to-End Service Assurance

VIA AIOps use case

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