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    How Ready Are You for AIOps?

    Vitria’s day-long guided inspection focuses on 3 areas: your data, the actions you want to automate and what you can expect to achieve by implementing analytics.

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    Analytics Enable Digital Operations

    Consider the five stages of digital transformation and the role of Analytics

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    VIA by Vitria
    The Digital Operations Suite

    Get control of your data – analyze faster, act smarter and innovate rapidly.

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    Digital Operations – The New Battlefield

    Through digital transformation, organizations change how goods and services are produced, delivered and supported. VIA accelerates your journey to Digital Operations excellence.

  • Harness the Power of Data

    Harness the Power of Data

    Leveraging analytic insights everyday to drive the actions of operations is the key to improving business outcomes. – Dale Skeen, CTO and Co-Founder of Vitria

  • Vitria AI Ops

    Extensible Analytics Platform Provides AIOps Capabilities to IT Operations

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    Vitria News Digest

    Data is your most valuable currency.

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    Businesses Rely on Operations.
    Operations Rely on VIA.

    Telecom and cable operators, manufacturers and energy providers are boosting productivity, improving services, lowering costs and elevating the customer experience.

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VIA – The Digital Operations Difference

VIA provides a simplified, analytics driven approach to improve profits from operations, upgrade the customer experience and introduce new services faster.

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Efficient Operations

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Reliable Customer Experience

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Lower Opex and Churn

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Increased Revenue

VIA provides visibility across data and organizational silos enabling operational effectiveness for many industries. Your team will isolate problems faster, automate response when possible and prevent the problems most likely to impact service and your customers’ experience. Enabled by its action-oriented analytic value chain and customer-centric approach, VIA reveals and automates what to do, then prioritizes based on customer impact so you can take decisions and act with confidence to improve business outcomes. VIA Solution Templates accelerate deployment and adaptation of the Platform to meet your unique business requirements.

VIA Analytics Dataflow

VIA’s low code analytics platform is built to provide business value. These platform features enable Operations, in multiple industries, to benefit from real-time visibility across data and organizational silos, enabling a service-oriented & customer-centric approach. Handling streaming and batch data, VIA incorporates the unique Analytics Data Flow (ADF) for agile delivery of key functions like advanced anomaly detection, incident life-cycle automation, dynamic change management and dynamic failure prediction.

  • Destination: AIOps

    Regardless of where you start your journey – AIOps is a desirable destination for your business. In this ebook, Vitria provides the fastest route to AIOps and how to avoid hazards along the way.

    With VIA for AIOps, you will chart your journey to reliable delivery of time-sensitive business processes without increasing risk. Read how VIA enables humans to perform IT Operational tasks faster – like troubleshooting, capacity management, and planning, migrations, and auditing and compliance.

    When you arrive at your destination you can claim your benefits: reduced MTTR from hours to minutes, optimized use of infrastructure, and most importantly earn high satisfaction ratings from internal and external customers.

    Hit the road with VIA for AIOps
  • Make Your Single Pane of Glass Actionable

    IT is no stranger to talent shortages and belt-tightening budgets. As workloads increase, AI and machine learning provide a game-changing alternative. VIA, an AIOps platform, identifies root cause issues that threaten availability and performance utilizing state of the art AI technologies and machine learning.

    VIA has the flexibility to ingest multiple types of data sources and process this data at scale – in real-time. VIA enables operations to leverage the exploding volume of disparate data and enable closed-loop automation. Companies using VIA finally have that single pane of glass and scalable automation to significantly improve the customer experience.

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  • IT Operations: The Business Enabler

    In conference rooms around the world, IT Operations regularly defends their budget for new hardware, upgrades and critical personnel. In this ebook, Vitria explains how to flip the conversation from defending Operations as a Cost Center to positioning Operations as a business enabler. It’s no secret that IT Is highly motivated to maintain service levels and avoid incidents that disrupt business or negatively impact the customer experience. Incidents, on average, cost a business $5.6M dollars in revenues.

    How does IT enable the business? Technology adoption, innovation, and maximum uptime are critical to business success. Fierce competition and demanding customers require a flawless, always-on experience. The facts are overwhelming – enhanced visibility, advanced analytics aided by machine learning enables IT to automate and automation reduces downtime, improves staff productivity and increases IT effectiveness. Read more about VIA for AIOps and flip the conversation from defense to offense – from cost to business enabler.

    Show the Business IT Does MORE
  • AIOps: Direct Route To Self-Healing IT

    VIA for AIOps, with Intelligent automation, dramatically improves operational efficiency and enables IT to implement self-healing capabilities. As an industry, we’ve discussed the value of self-healing IT. The idea of embedding the power to correct problems before they are seen by a human is very appealing.

    VIA, a wide-scope AIOps platform with automated intelligence and embedded within IT operations service management can move IT much closer to a self-healing operating environment. In this ebook, we review the functions required for self-healing and compare the capabilities of VIA by Vitria against the functions. Could it be that we’re getting closer to fulfilling the promise of ‘self-healing IT’?

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  • AIOps SD-Wan Use Cases

    What causes a spike in customer calls to your support team? It could be the result of a service incident limiting capacity or availability of resources. SD-WAN is a complex environment in large scale organizations. Maintaining performance and availability is challenging for the best teams. Many Fortune 500 companies implement monitoring and alarm notification, but often this isn’t effective or efficient. Instead, companies look to VIA, the AIOps Platform by Vitria. VIA’s closed-loop, automated action accelerates response and resolution.

    Check out this ebook to read the use cases showing how VIA made a difference in the availability and performance of complex SD-WAN environments.

    Take Control of SD-WAN