VIA’s Visual Analytics

Visualization Tools for Accelerating Operational Analytics in IoT

Visual Explorer

VIA’s Visual Explorer provides an easy and fast way for Operations and Business Analysts to explore and visualize analytical results, identify key relationships, spot anomalies, test hypotheses, and diagnose problems – ensuring the right decision and the right action at the right time.

Visual Analytics VIA Platform Screen Grabs

Key capabilities include:

  • Connect to raw data and computed analytics
  • Blend data from disparate data sources
  • Interactively explore real-time and historical data
  • Discover interesting correlations
  • Test underlying hypotheses
  • Gain insight in time to address issues and opportunities


Using Visual Explorer for Diagnostic Analytics
Visual Explorer is also an excellent tool for diagnostic analytics to rapidly discover patterns, correlations, and relative variable importance for complex operational and IoT scenarios. Its self-service
diagnostic capability quickly reveals root causes and the insights
needed to address challenging IoT use cases.


Dashboard Builder

Dashboard Builder makes it easy to design visually rich and interactive dashboards.

Visual Dashboards Platform Screen Grabs

Key features include:

  • “Mash-up” real-time and historical data into interactive dashboards to support real-time monitoring and rapid decision-making
  • Support any device or location – Mobile / Pad / Tablet
  • Select from a large and growing library of display controls – Smart Widgets, Data Grids, Gauges, Heat Maps, Bubble Charts, and more
  • Playback time series data and analytics using innovative “DVR-like” controls
  • Configure interactive controls and relationships between widgets with easy-to-use Visual Flow models. Widgets include drill-down, drill-in, zooming, roll-ups,
    data filtering, forms, and your own custom controls.
  • Overlay multiple datasets on geospatial maps, charts,
    and other visualizations