Vitria OI Administration

Course Description: This course describes common administrative tasks for Vitria OI. This course consists of many hands-on labs.

Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Install and configure Vitria OI on Windows and Unix
  • Create database Vitria OI user accounts and LDAP Vitria OI users accounts
  • Discuss Vitria OI security features
  • Set up Vitria OI to use SSL
  • View all available logs in Vitria OI
  • Import and export projects using the UI and the command line Utility
  • Backup and restore an Vitria OI installation
  • Configure, tune and monitor the ESMS server
  • Execute vtutil table and project commands
  • Locate and configure database resources
  • Manage connection pools
  • Troubleshoot Vitria OI installations
  • Discuss high availability and distributed scenarios for Vitria OI
    Configure Vitria OI ports
  • Upgrade Vitria OI to version 5.0
  • Migrate projects and runtime date to version 5.0
  • Uninstall Vitria OI using GUI, command line, silent and universal uninstallers

Target Audience: 

  • Vitria OI Administrator

Prerequisites: Students should be familiar with Vitria OI concepts, administration issues on Windows or Unix, and client-server concepts
Course Length: 3 Days

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