VIA Business Benefits

VIA enables you to maximize value from your IoT initiatives and transform your business through Faster Analytics, Smarter Actions, and Rapid Innovation that drive Better Outcomes Faster.

  • Faster Analytics

  • Smarter Actions

  • Rapid Innovation

  • Better Outcomes Faster

VIA executes Faster Analytics in real-time over all data varieties and speeds to provide the context and insight needed for the fast decision-making required in IoT. Smarter Actions yield better outcomes by combining predictive and prescriptive analytics with intelligent automated actions. Rapid Innovation is achieved via self-service tools and visual design tools that empower teams to create innovative solutions in minutes vs. months. Together these benefits drive Better Outcomes Faster via IoT Analytics.

Platform Capabilities

The VIA platform leverages telemetry, elastic cloud computing, fast analytics, self-service model-driven development, and machine learning to apply the power of predictive and prescriptive analytics to IoT challenges and applications. It includes an intelligent actions and automation capability that is critical for creating value in IoT – taking timely action on analytics.

Service Operations Management

Improve customer experience, increase service levels, and capture employee productivity through insight and analytics that enable faster action and transform operational performance.

  • Real- time Performance Monitoring
    Improve Quality of Service through real-time performance monitoring

    Deploy VIA to monitor and measure Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) in real-time and easily spot anomalies to improve performance.

    • VIA processes streaming data in millions of events per second with sub second processing latency
    • Real-time streaming data combined with historical data provides contextual awareness and situational intelligence.
    • Visual analytic tools accelerate business insight in spotting anomalies and out of compliance indicators.
    • Dash Board Builder enables you to rapidly create interactive visual dashboards for your KPIs with drill down capabilities

  • Incident Lifecycle Management
    Accelerate issue resolution through faster detection and automation

    Accelerate the time from incident detection to quality restoration and issue resolution by improving issue detection, prioritizing and automating root cause analysis, then taking remedial action automatically.

    • VIA detects complex customer-impactful incidents faster by leveraging advanced methods of anomaly detection in granular populations to uncover difficult to detect issues (false negatives)
    • Advanced anomaly detection and machine learning reduces alarm and alert noise delivering a single intelligent alert
    • Integration with downstream systems enables checking on existing incidents/alerts to prevent redundancy
    • VIA accelerates root cause discovery through machine learning and analysis of the association of attributes-to-events to identify potentially impacted entities to help narrow down the root cause.
    • Incident command center shows the real-time incident impact and predictive analysis supports prioritization of issues for resolution to maximise quality of service.
    • Actions can be prescribed and implemented automatically for remediation by applying machine learning to historical incident data to determine possible remedial actions and Integrating with 3rd party systems to automatically prescribe actions or workarounds.

  • Predictive Maintenance
    Improve availability through predictive analytics

    Accurately predict when maintenance should be performed to avoid failure or degraded performance lowering cost while maintaining availability and avoiding downtime

    • VIA ingests and integrates streaming sensor data on actual equipment performance and environmental factors such as climate changes or temperature with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), and production data.
    • Predictive analytics and machine learning are applied to this integrated data to predict failures so that you can be alerted to issues and address them proactively through a visual dashboard.
    • Key performance indicators can be monitored in real time and predictive alerts automatically delivered to define areas requiring attention.
    • Data driven analytics displayed through the visual dashboard improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your staff allowing you to improve maintenance planning.

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