VIA Business Benefits

VIA enables you to maximize value from your IoT initiatives and transform your business through Faster Analytics, Smarter Actions, and Rapid Innovation that drive Better Outcomes Faster.

  • Faster Analytics

  • Smarter Actions

  • Rapid Innovation

  • Better Outcomes Faster

VIA executes Faster Analytics in real-time over all data varieties and speeds to provide the context and insight needed for the fast decision-making required in IoT. Smarter Actions yield better outcomes by combining predictive and prescriptive analytics with intelligent automated actions. Rapid Innovation is achieved via self-service tools and visual design tools that empower teams to create innovative solutions in minutes vs. months. Together these benefits drive Better Outcomes Faster via IoT Analytics.

Platform Capabilities

The VIA platform leverages telemetry, elastic cloud computing, fast analytics, self-service model-driven development, and machine learning to apply the power of predictive and prescriptive analytics to IoT challenges and applications. It includes an intelligent actions and automation capability that is critical for creating value in IoT – taking timely action on analytics.

Key Capabilities

Fast Data Ingestion and Integration

Open IoT Data Lake with Elastic Query Service

Agile Analytics

Visual Analytics

Intelligent Actions & Automation

Platform Essentials

Use Cases

Our platform addresses critical use cases across industry verticals such as utilities, high tech manufacturing, telecommunications, and more.

  • Predictive Maintenance
    Maintain, manage, and optimize equipment & machines with foresight – address problems before they occur.

  • Outage Management
    Act rapidly to prevent and minimize outages before they create major business interruptions.

  • Fraud Detection
    Detect and prevent fraud in real-time to shut it down before it destroys business value and major operational disruption.

  • Demand/Supply Optimization
    Balance demand and supply in complex operations. Satisfy customers while maintaining an efficient supply chain.

  • Customer Engagement
    Deliver a customized experience for your customers to meet the demands of today’s customer-driven service environment.

  • Predictive 1:1 Marketing
    Deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. Expand revenue and generate loyalty.

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