VIA AIOps Now Available through Cisco

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We’re very proud and excited that VIA is now part of the Cisco Crosswork ecosystem. As an official member of the Cisco SolutionsPlus Program, customers can buy VIA as a validated and integral component of their Cisco Crosswork portfolio to deliver sustained end-to-end service assurance and augment Cisco Network Service Orchestration (NSO) capabilities. As part of the Cisco DevNet Solution Plus Partner Program, customers worldwide can now purchase VIA AIOps directly from Cisco’s Global Price List and through approved Cisco partners.

Achieving end-to-end service assurance is hard to deliver within the complex web of interconnected systems and interdependent applications. Application and service requirements are constantly changing, and infrastructure spans technologies, vendors, and generations. Digitization demands that service delivery infrastructure, platforms, and applications are scalable and extensible to support growing numbers of applications, services, and subscribers, especially in 5G and internet service provider environments. Managing mass-scale infrastructure with end-to-end service assurance is complex and challenging.

Vitria’s VIA AIOps delivers full stack observability and optimizes service assurance to reduce cost and improve the customers’ experience. VIA operates across service layers with advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI to reduce noise, detect service-impacting events earlier, and prescribe actions automatically. VIA integrates with, and correlates across, already deployed systems.

VIA AIOps enhances Cisco’s network automation portfolio by delivering automated analysis that enables rapid remediation of service-impacting events across all technology and application layers. VIA AIOps collects resource logs and assurance application events using Crosswork Data Gateway (CDG), correlates the data, and applies unsupervised machine learning to auto-discover key performance indicators for network products. Network operations engineers can then use VIA AIOps performance dashboards and fault identifiers to reduce time to identify incidents, know probable root cause and prescribe the right action for remediation.

We’re excited to partner with an industry leader like Cisco and integrate with the Cisco Network Service Orchestrator (NSO), an industry-leading platform for hybrid networks. Cisco NSO simplifies the automation of configuration tasks in a complex network environment. Bridging the LAN, WAN, and data center network environments, Cisco NSO provides a single, network-wide interface to all network devices and services—both physical and virtual.

Deploying VIA AIOps in conjunction with Cisco NSO allows you to:

  • Detect, triage, and determine the root cause of service-impacting events faster
  • Improve the fault, performance, and change management processes in the cloud and in traditional environments
  • Quickly Identify the impacted population for targeted remediation
  • Prioritize based on business and service impact
  • Fully automate service onboarding and incident ticketing
  • Simplify multi-vendor device configuration
  • Automate service deployment, verification, and assurance onboarding through YANG definition
  • Integrate with existing backend service management system

Service operations management teams need complete awareness of service performance impacts across the application, network, and infrastructure to rapidly detect, triage, and resolve incidents. Vitria VIA AIOps delivers a solution that provides this visibility and augments the service assurance capabilities of Cisco’s NSO.

The complexity of virtualized network elements and cloud-native applications makes it nearly impossible for humans to analyze all the available data and take action in order to meet stringent Service Level Agreements. Applying VIA AIOps addresses that challenge.

Automating the incident lifecycle can maximize the customer experience while optimizing operations. VIA is the only AIOps application in the market that provides total ecosystem observability and explanatory analytics to assure end-to-end service assurance.

Watch this video to learn more about VIA AIOps. You can also get more information by reading our Solutions Brief, Vitria VIA AIOps for Cisco Network Automation.


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