Use Cases

Our platform addresses critical use cases across industry verticals such as utilities, high tech manufacturing, telecommunications, and more.

  • case-1
    Predictive Maintenance
    Maintain, manage, and optimize equipment & machines with foresight – address problems before they occur.
  • case-2
    Outage Management
    Act rapidly to prevent and minimize outages before they create major business interruptions.
  • case-3
    Fraud Detection
    Detect and prevent fraud in real-time to shut it down before it destroys business value and major operational disruption.
  • case-4
    Demand/Supply Optimization
    Balance demand and supply in complex operations.  Satisfy customers while maintaining an efficient supply chain.
  • case-5
    Customer Engagement
    Deliver a customized experience for your customers to meet the demands of today’s customer-driven service environment.
  • case-6
    Predictive 1:1 Marketing
    Deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.  Expand revenue and generate loyalty.