Top Reasons You Should Partner with Vitria

Vitria enables our partners to shine and differentiate themselves from the competition in a number of ways.

Top reasons to partner with Vitria Technology

Top Reasons For All Partners:

  • Faster time to market for your customers by white labeling or rounding out your own suite of analytics solutions.
  • Solve multiple problems for your customer by leveraging our open data architecture.
  • Be technologically agnostic and seamlessly integrate with your customer’s existing open source or proprietary footprint (Hadoop, Cloudera, SAP Hana, and Teradata etc.)
  • Ingest data from a multitude of data sources (enterprise, telemetry and “thing” data etc.) leveraging prebuilt ingestion adaptors and connectors.
  • Deliver scalable, low latency and highly distributed solutions on premise or in the cloud by leveraging Spark so you can ingest high velocity data (structured & unstructured) with veracity (over 250K events per second).
  • Quickly and easily operationalize your analytics from any data science tool (R, Python, etc.) and other analytics and machine learning tools.
  • Leverage a pluggable open data architecture – whether you need ingestion tools, adaptors, analytics in memory engine (Spark and CEP based), visualization tools (HTML based) or automation & workflow initiation solutions (BPMN 2.0 certified).


Top Reasons For Systems Integrators

  • Our comprehensive model-driven platform allows you to rapidly deliver real-time solutions with 100% re-use across projects and customers.
  • Our proven real-time analytics pipeline methodology enables our partners to deliver solutions that solve a wide variety of use cases on one platform.
  • Our open standard data architecture allows for easy adoption in any technical environment regardless of the pre-existing reporting and data warehousing solutions that may be in place from customer to customer.
  • Learn one powerful yet flexible platform and use it with all your customers.
  • Our partner-centric business model includes resources for training, architectural advice, references, technical support, and best practices to help you create re-sellable and differentiated offerings.


Top Reasons For Device and Sensor Manufacturers

  • Round out your product portfolio by providing a service that differentiates you from the competition.
  • Increase the value of sensor data to your customer by contextualizing “thing” data with enterprise data from different element management systems.