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The network is essential

Businesses rely on in house or outsourced network operators to ensure predictable and reliable availability of essential network services.

  • More employees are working from mobile devices.
  • Analysts estimate that the average enterprise uses over 1900 different cloud services.
  • An increasing number of highly specialized SaaS apps are created for every department – apps that are constantly changing.


The Network Operators Challenge: Incident Management

Performance and fault management remains siloed with separate solutions for cloud/infrastructure, network, and applications. Despite lots of data, optimizing incident management across service layers is not possible.

Existing point solutions tell part of the story but are disconnected with the customer.

Technicians troubleshoot without all the information and often end up chasing symptoms instead of resolving the issue.



A Leading Network Operator Used VIA AIOps to Reduce Incidents and Improve Availability

VIA AIOps – End-to-end Service Assurance

  • Built on an open core foundation – scales to billions of analyzed data points
  • Observability across service layers supporting fault, performance and change management
  • Uncovers the how and why of system behavior to enable active response
  • Advanced anomaly detection with continuous learning delivers faster detection
  • Ontology and Topology systems discovery and correlation analysis delivers effective probable cause determination
  • What-if analysis on actual data generated in seconds combines human intelligence with AI to further ongoing system optimization
  • Intuitive persona-based user interface
  • Unified data collection that supports:

• Cloud native environments
• Metrics, logs, events, and traces
• MIB data with automatic capture and data preparation
• Customer support Data
• Historic events, diagnostics, and actions


Download the Network Operators Case Study to learn more.

Considering an AIOps Application?

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