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The Cable Business is Complex and Change is a Constant

  • Size: $100+ billion dollar business, employing 214,000 people
  • Complexity: Broadcast programming packaged with other services like internet access and telephony
  • Pressure: Highly competitive, operators rely on premium service packages and exceptional service to sustain their competitive position.

The Cable Operators Challenge: Managing Change

Frequent, minor network upgrades aren’t always communicated to everyone who needs to know
DevOps and CI/CD are able to upgrade service packages quickly but can also introduce unexpected changes. Service interruptions resulting from change can be costly – in dollars and customer satisfaction. Avoiding costly trips to businesses and homes to restore service interrupted by these changes is a priority. What’s the solution?

  • Automate response with early detection of problems resulting from change.
  • Discover dependencies with TOTAL ECOSYSTEM OBSERVABILITY.
  • Employ EXPLAINABLE AI to correlate third-party events, incident and change tickets.



How a Top-Tier North American Cable Operator Used VIA AIOps to Reduce Unnecessary Technician Visits

VIA AIOps – Data Driving Actions

  • Built on an open core foundation – scales to billions of analyzed data points.
  • Observability and real time analytics contextualize and correlate ingested data.
  • Uncovers the how and why of system behavior to enable active response.
  • Contextualize problems to identify customer impact.
  • VIA BEACONS eliminate signal overload – illuminating impactful signals.
  • Highly visual, intuitive interface enables forensic analysis and what-if analysis.


Download the Cable Operators Datasheet to learn more.

Considering an AIOps Application?

Check out this comprehensive market guide for AIOps applications to help you identify your company’s needs and evaluate AIOps solutions to find the best fit.


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