Comparing Vitria OI – How We’re Different

Comparing Vitria OI with Other Approaches to Big Data Analytics

Vitria OI is the only fully integrated platform that blends capabilities for continuous, real-time analysis of both streaming and stored Big Data, combined with the ability to take immediate process-based action on the discovered insights. Unlike offerings from the software stack vendors, open source vendors and other Operational Intelligence solution providers, Vitria OI lets you uncover and analyze actual business patterns from live, streaming data and proactively respond.

Here’s a visual comparison of how Vitria OI’s capabilities for streaming Big Data analytics compares with those from the behemoths, open source vendors and other Operational Intelligence providers:

Vitria OI vs. Other Big Data Analytics Solutions

Why Consider Vitria OI for Streaming Big Data Analytics?

Here are our top five reasons for why you should consider Vitria OI when evaluating solutions for streaming Big Data analytics:

  1. Low latency, continuous analysis of massive volumes of streaming data

    By eliminating the latencies involved in the data aggregation and persistence techniques used by traditional analytics tools, Vitria OI delivers insights into real-time streaming data with almost no latency. The high performance CEP capabilities enable the processing of massive volumes of streaming data to support even the most challenging Big Data in Motion applications.

  2. Massively scalable and distributed parallel processing

    Each Vitria OI component can be scaled independently in a distributed architecture to meet the specific needs of different Big Data applications. These components can be elastically scaled with minimum impact on running applications. They can be distributed on commodity hardware to maximize scale while minimizing cost.

  3. Hadoop-ready: Stream data in and out of Hadoop

    Vitria OI’s Hadoop connector allows the solution to work synergistically alongside Hadoop. While Hadoop delivers deep insights into massive volumes of stored data, Vitria OI complements it by providing continuous, real-time insights into streaming data together with the ability to take proactive, automated action. The Hadoop connector allows data streaming into Vitria OI to be persisted in Hadoop, and queried to provide historical and baseline analysis. Data captured by Hadoop can also be streamed into Vitria OI, which provides instant analysis and timely detection of opportunities and threats. Data streamed from Hadoop can also be used within the powerful Vitria OI Apps, which empowers business users to directly create value from Hadoop data.

  4. Complements existing BI and data warehousing infrastructure

    Vitria OI’s connector framework allows for rapid integration with an organization’s existing business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing infrastructure, NoSQL databases and other Big Data frameworks.

  5. Rapid development and deployment of Big Data applications

    The Development Workbench enables developers to use a graphical, model-driven approach that facilitates rapid, collaborative development and deployment of custom OI applications. OI Apps provide immediate access to streaming data insights to business users without requiring any developer support.