How we’re different

How is Vitria’s Approach to Business Activity Monitoring Different?

Traditional approaches to BAM have involved monitoring individual applications or processes that are, very often, orchestrated by a workflow or business process management (BPM) solution. However, true business activity spans multiple applications, perhaps even multiple BPM systems. In addition, organizations often do not have a clear understanding of the actual sequence of events that take place during the course of a complete business process.

With Vitria OI, organizations can achieve the ‘panoramic’ visibility required to monitor business processes end to end, in addition to discovering and monitoring the progress and performance of previously ‘hidden’ processes. Vitria OI tracks significant milestones against key performance indicators (KPIs) displayed in live dashboards. When established thresholds are met or exceeded, they can be immediately and automatically acted on using the built-in business process management engine. Here’s how Vitria OI stacks up against the BAM capabilities within BPM solutions as well as other open-source options:

Vitria OI vs. Other Approaches to BAM

Why Consider Vitria OI for Business Activity Monitoring?

The top five reasons to consider Vitria OI for BAM are as follows:

  1. Easily map, track and act on business activity that spans application silos in real-time

    With Vitria’s innovative OI Apps, business users are empowered to easily map out the processes that they want to monitor. They can then quickly configure KPIs to track business activity across application silos, in real-time. The OI Apps provides actionable insight into business activity volume and velocity metrics, transactions that are at risk of missing SLAs, backlogs, typical process paths, anomalies and likely business outcomes.

    Business users can easily configure and track KPIs

  2. Integrate, correlate and analyze streaming events for richer, real-time insight in context

    Leveraging its deep roots in the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) realm, Vitria offers a wide array of pre-built and pluggable, non-intrusive connectors that enable seamless exchange of information between a variety of applications and data sources. Vitria OI’s high performance Analytics Server can correlate and analyze structured, richly structured and loosely structured data to deliver real-time insight with the necessary contextual information to make informed decisions. Multi-dimensional, trend, time-series and predictive analysis of the data provides business executives with the “big picture” while also equipping operations teams with detail drill-downs to spot anomalies and take corrective action.

    Quickly spot anomalies and bottlenecks to take corrective action

  3. Eliminate latency in decision-making with continuous and incremental event analysis

    With Vitria OI, streaming events are continuously analyzed in memory using incremental rather than batch techniques for high performance. This ensures that business executives have up-to-the-second information to make better business decisions.

    Live dashboards are continuously and incrementally updated

  4. Accelerate business user adoption with self-service BAM

    The innovative Vitria OI Apps empower business users with the ability to define and monitor processes and KPIs. With no coding required, business analysts can create and share an executive dashboard that delivers real-time business insights in a matter of minutes.

    Create and share dashboards in minutes

  5. Speed corrective action through policy-based workflows and processes

    Vitria OI’s integrated process management capabilities let users take immediate action on real-time insight based on pre-defined policies.

    Take immediate process-based action on real-time insights