How it Works – Vitria OI for Business Activity Monitoring

Vitria OI for Business Activity Monitoring – How it Works

Vitria OI brings together state-of-the-art business process management, complex event processing, real-time analytics and visual dashboard capabilities in one unified platform to deliver end-to-end business activity monitoring. Vitria’s innovative OI Apps for discovering and tracking business activity and configuring and monitoring KPIs and dashboards make it easier than ever before for business users to monitor operational performance in real-time without the need for significant IT involvement.

The Vitria OI Apps include:
  1. Activity Discovery – The Activity Discovery App lets business users quickly uncover and analyze actual business patterns – typical paths, exception paths, and bottlenecks – from live streams of data to proactively respond to uncovered insights. It helps them visualize and analyze each transaction or activity as it unfolds.

    Uncover true business activity patterns from streaming data

  2. Activity Tracker – The Activity Tracker App significantly simplifies tracking activity that spans businesses and application silos. It lets business users leverage a “discovered” activity pattern or easily map out the major business milestones that they want to monitor in real-time, delivering unparalleled visibility into end-to-end processes.

    Continuously track business activity across application and business silos

  3. KPI Builder – The latest enhancements in stream processing make it easier than ever before for data analysts and power users to define and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) over streaming data.The KPI Builder App helps them easily see trends, predict problems, and optimize outcomes using the auto-generated dashboards.

    Define KPIs over streaming data in minutes

  4. Dashboard Builder – The Dashboard Builder App lets users create highly interactive and intuitive live dashboards that can be shared in seconds.

    Easily configure and share dashboards in seconds

  5. StreamBuilder – Business users can easily access live streams of data for immediate analysis and action. The result is continuous and incremental updates to the analysis which significantly eliminates the latency in decision-making.

Custom OI applications, complete with bespoke feeds, complete with feeds, complex event processing queries, processes, policies and dashboards, can be graphically composed by IT architects using the Development Workbench.

Vitria OI offers two distinct approaches to monitoring business activity in real-time:

    1. The top-down approach

      This involves using the Activity Tracker App to create a tracking model that maps the major business milestones to be monitored to the stream of events coming from the different applications that the process interacts with. At run-time, the Analytics Server continuously filters, correlates, enriches and applies logic to these streaming events to discover exceptions, patterns and trends that are displayed through live dashboards. If a specific business event does not meet a pre-defined service level agreement (SLA), the BPM module within Vitria OI can trigger a corrective process.

      Easily create a tracking model that maps to the major business milestones to be monitored

    2. The bottom-up approach

      This is ideal in situations where the end-to-end process is unclear. The Activity Discovery App can be used to continuously process streaming data to immediately discover typical paths, exception paths and bottlenecks and proactively speed corrective action.

      Uncover actual business patterns using the Activity Discovery App

Using Bayesian techniques, this App even helps you predict the next most likely step as well as the next best action for success in the process.