A New Approach to Business Activity Monitoring – Why Now?

The term Business Activity Monitoring or “BAM” is not new. For over a decade, it has been used to refer to monitoring individual applications or processes that are typically orchestrated at run-time by a workflow or business process management (BPM) solution. However, true business activity spans multiple applications, perhaps even multiple BPM systems. Significant business events typically occur when a transaction crosses from one application to another or from one company to another, or when a person completes work and passes it on to the next. Very often, organizations do not have a clear understanding of the actual sequence of events that take place during the course of a complete business process. While most business executives are not necessarily interested in the granular activities that occur within each individual application, they desperately need a better view into the key milestones and trends that impact end-to-end operational performance.

Introducing Vitria OI for BAM

Vitria Operational Intelligence (OI) represents a fresh new approach to continuously monitoring business activity across multiple applications to gain real-time actionable insight. It helps reveal problems that siloed monitoring systems designed to track individual applications cannot detect.

Continuously monitor business activity across application silos

With Vitria OI, organizations can uncover true process patterns. They can then continuously monitor the progress and performance of these previously ‘hidden’ processes by tracking significant milestones through key performance indicators (KPIs) displayed in live dashboards. When established thresholds are met or exceeded, alerts and corrective processes can be triggered to remedy the situation.