Customer Support FAQs

Vitria Support Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the duration of the technical support period?
Technical support is effective on the date of your order and is contracted for an annual period (12 months). Vitria is not obligated to provide technical support beyond the end of the support period unless your technical support contract is renewed on or before the service expiration date.

When are the technical support fees due?
Technical support fees are due and payable annually in advance of your contracted support period. Your commitment to pay (i.e., purchase order, actual payment, or other approved method of payment) is required to process your technical support order.

What is an authorized contact?
An authorized contact is a person designated by the customer who is authorized to download software and enter cases. Companies are allowed two designated authorized contacts at the Expert Level and four at the Enterprise Level.

How do I renew my support contract?
Send an email to the Vitria Contract Administrator at

How do I submit an incident report?
For all incidents, an authorized contact should report the problem via our technical support website: A problem report can also be submitted by an authorized contact through our support hotline: 1-877-316-9342 (Int’l) or 1-972-943-4705 (within the U.S.).

How do I get the latest software version?
Our software can be downloaded by an authorized contact. Available software is located in the Product Download section of