Implementation Services

Do you want your Vitria solution to be the most successful implementation possible? Our Implementation Success Services provide everything you need to meet your objectives. Vitria Professional Services offers:

  • Expert architectural advice
  • Skilled and certified implementation resources
  • Traditional management consulting or complete project delivery
  • Application support outsourcing

Vitria’s Implementation Success Services offering includes the following components:

1. Architecture Design & Review

  • Review current IT architecture for best positioning, configuration and use of Vitria technology
  • Create environment strategy
  • Identify architectural challenges
  • Recommend architecture standards and best practices
  • Identify Performance Benchmarks
  • Produce Architecture Design Document

2. Initial Product Installation

  • Create environments
  • Install Vitria products and other required software
  • Test and validate environments
  • Create installation and configuration scripts
  • Document installation
  • Document environment standards
  • Document environment maintenance procedures

3. Project Planning & Reviews

  • Review system architecture, design and infrastructure plans
  • Assist with project plan estimation and design
  • Review project schedule and issues
  • Identify risks and recommend remediation and other actions
  • Assist with issue resolution
  • Recommend and necessary modifications to design or approach

4. Design & Development

  • Review technical requirements for completeness
  • Review exception handling for completeness
  • Endorse development processes and practices
  • Produce detailed technical designs
  • Develop components
  • Lead code review

5. Test Preparation & Execution

  • Unit Test components
  • Assist in designing Integration and UAT test plans
  • Execute Integration and UAT tests
  • Fix defects
  • Design Performance & Tuning Test Plans
  • Execute Performance & Tuning tests
  • Oversee Production Deployment
  • Review testing results

6. Pre-Production Review

  • Assess project readiness for go-live
  • Review infrastructure plans
  • Review cut-over, contingency, reversion and failover plans
  • Assist with issue resolution
  • Recommend any modifications to implementation approach

7. Go-Live Suppport

  • Provide on-site support during go-live
  • Resolve technical issues
  • Expedite issue resolution
  • Coordinate with Vitria technical support
  • Coordinate with Vitria Professional Services and senior management
  • Provide status updates

8. Post-Production Support

  • Maintain environments
  • Review implementation results
  • Assist with issue resolution
  • Identify new opportunities to extend or improve solutions
  • Capture client feedback for incorporation into Vitria product and solution design process

9. Product Training

  • Provide product training
  • Provide review and certification