Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence (COE) has always been the cornerstone of Vitria Professional Services’ implementation methodology, and current market forces are adding to the reasons why our customers find it indispensable.

Zero Tolerance for Trial-and-Error

With budgets tight, there is no room for missteps. Learning by doing and developing best practices and templates during the implementation is just too risky and costly. Furthermore, that first project is frequently also an internal sales effort: it must succeed to prove value and then serve as the foundation on which all future projects are built. Vitria’s COE helps customers avoid bootstrapping by bringing to bear a tested set of tools, resources, and knowledge compiled from dozens of implementations over many years.

The Need to Deliver BPM and Analytics as a Service

Organizations are increasingly looking to cloud-based computing as a platform on which to run their BPM and Analytics implementations. The cloud-based model—whether it be internally or externally hosted—delivers great efficiencies that are well documented. In order to take these cloud or hosted implementations to the next level it is necessary to wrap them with a set of core services, such as best practices, training, governance, template reuse, and implementation. In other words, it is necessary to build a Center of Excellence around a cloud-based hosting model in order to deliver BPM and Analytics as a true service.

Clients benefit from full access to Vitria intellectual capital and seamlessly integrated interaction with all areas of Vitria—from Support, to Education, to Services, to Engineering. The economies of scale offered by these COEs ensure that our clients achieve the highest quality implementation in the most cost-effective manner. The Vitria COE is aimed at helping Customers increase the in-house competence, achieve Delivery Excellence on Vitria Solutions, and increase the overall quality of their platform, through a close collaboration with Vitria Professional Services and the use of Vitria’s proven methodologies and best practices.

The COE also dovetails with Vitria Professional Services Agile UDP methodology by serving as the home base and launching pad for the series of iterative Project Sprints used to implement BPM and Analytics projects quickly and efficiently. As the Sprint teams deploy, the COE is at the ready to provide training, reusable assets, and general knowledge. The COE can also serve as the first line of support in case any issues arise during or after the implementation. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the COE facilitates a consistent and complete knowledge transfer to the customer teams to ensure long-term self sufficiency. The objective of the Vitria COE over a series of Project Sprints is to lessen the reliance on external help by building up the core competency internally.