THE FUTURE OF HEALTH: IT Enables Care Models & Digital Tools


Transforming How Physicians Practice and Consumers Engage

Manage High Reliability Needs with AIOps

As healthcare providers implement more digital services, clinicians have increasingly high expectations for availability, security and reliability. They depend on equipment uptime, always on network services and automation to deliver and manage care.



  • Consistent FOCUS on Patients and Clinicians
  • Continuous correction and prevention of faults that interrupt CARE delivery
  • TALENT management: Avoid attrition, coach for retention, implement AI and machine learning to automate service operations

VIA AIOps – Reduces MTTR


VIA Breaks Down SILOS: The problem with silos is they constrain operational productivity and create a lot of NOISE. VIA AIOps monitors across tech stacks and between application domains. VIA eliminates independent teams chasing symptoms – when the root cause lies outside their visibility and control


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