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Analytics, AI and automation bring significant cost savings to telecommunication networks

Listen to a Conversation between Cisco’s Marc Austion and Vitria’s Chris Menier

AI Use Cases For Telecom: Learn Why Telecommunication Providers Will Require More Sophisticated Analytics, AI, and Automation Solutions

The single biggest opportunity for analytics, AI and automation to impact the bottom line of a telecommunications company is by deploying it within their network and related operational systems. Charlotte Patrick, an independent consultant and former Gartner analyst, offers insight into the sophistication of today’s analytics, AI and automation solutions and where telecom companies need to invest to gain a competitive edge.

Introducing Vitria

Vitria provides a next-generation AIOps platform to support telecom companies in this next phase of their network development. We focus on providing a light-weight, flexible solution that enables telcos to understand their customer’s experience across domains through the increasing noise and complexity of new network builds. The solution identifies symptoms and the possible root cause of customer-impacting issues, which enables automation, self-healing and continuous transformation with an enhanced customer experience. With the VIA AIOps Platform:

  • Baselines are generated on-demand and in real time for immediate visual representation of anomalies.
  • Shared characteristics of any group of events can be analyzed to determine what the events have in common.
  • At-a-glance insight gained into key performance indicators (KPIs) and process exceptions highlighted.
  • Processes can be managed and visualized end-to-end in real time by correlating process data that resides in underlying applications, databases, and log files.
  • Citizen developers are enabled with a low code environment using an extensible library of reusable drag and drop building blocks.
  • Asset life can be extended with reliable predictive maintenance.


Download the white paper to learn more about AI use cases for telecom.

ai use cases telecom white paper