Vitria VIA Visual Explorer Video

Many analytics professionals are finding it very difficult to explore and understand the high volume of IoT Data that they are collecting in their day-to-day operations. Conventional visualization tools can provide some utility, but they are designed for “after-the-fact” summaries vs. exploring what is happening in real-time as required by IoT applications and use cases.
VIA’s Visual Explorer provides an easy and fast way for Operations and Business Analysts to explore and visualize analytical results, identify key relationships, spot anomalies, test hypotheses, and diagnose problems – ensuring the right decision and the right action at the right time.
Key capabilities include:

  • Blending data from disparate data sources
  • Interactively exploring real-time and historical data
  • Discovering interesting correlations
  • Gaining insight in time to address issues and opportunities

Fill out the form to watch the Visual Explorer video presented by a senior member of the Vitria product team. This hands-on demonstration provides a robust picture of the extensive analytical capabilities of the VIA IoT Analytics platform.

Watch Vitria VIA Visual Explorer Video

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