Vitria VIA IoT Platform Overview Video

IoT Analytics is complex. The challenges associated with the huge volume and velocity of IoT data demand new kinds of solutions and technology. Vitria VIA was designed from the start to meet these challenges.

Vitria’s VIA is a comprehensive IoT analytics platform that enables the rapid design, development, and deployment of advanced real-time analytics against big IoT data.

VIA delivers four key benefits to teams developing IoT Analytics solutions:

  • Faster Analytics in real-time over all data varieties and speeds to provide the context and insight needed for the fast decision-making required in IoT.
  • Smarter Actions yield better outcomes by combining predictive and prescriptive analytics with intelligent automated actions.
  • Rapid Innovation is achieved via self-service tools and visual design tools that require little or no coding and empower teams to create innovative solutions in days vs. months.
  • Together these benefits drive Better Outcomes Faster via IoT Analytics.

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Watch Vitria VIA IoT Platform Overview Video

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