Vitria VIA Dashboard Builder Demo

IoT Analytics involves the processing of large volumes of both real-time and historical raw data and analytics. While the data management and analytics processing are certainly major challenges, providing applications that summarize the results and possible insight for action are equally challenging. Vitria VIA was designed to address this demand for visualization of IoT data and analytics. Our Dashboard Builder capability delivers both the flexibility and power required to address the higher level of requirements associated with IoT.

VIA’s Dashboard Builder includes a wealth of features that make it easy to design and build visually rich and interactive dashboards. Key features include:

  • Mash-up real-time and historical data into interactive dashboards to support real-time monitoring and rapid decision-making
  • Playback time series data and analytics using innovative “DVR-like” controls
  • Overlay multiple datasets on geospatial maps, charts, and other visualizations

To learn more about VIA’s Dashboard Builder and see it in action, fill out the form to check out this video of a senior member of our technical team giving a demonstration.

Watch Vitria VIA Dashboard Builder Demo

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