VIA’s IoT Analytics Keeps Equipment in the Field Running Smoothly

Successful manufacturers know that they have to address the ongoing maintenance requirements of their equipment in the field. Customer demands for uptime and service are already high and expectations are only going up.

Vitria’s VIA IoT Analytics platform is focused on helping manufacturers address this challenge. VIA was designed with the concept of an Analytics Value Chain (AVC). The AVC concept enables companies to develop IoT Analytics solutions by following a rigorous step-by-step process to garner insight about asset and equipment performance and take action based on the analytics:

  • Key real-time data is ingested at high speed from IoT sensors on the asset or equipment at the customer site.
  • The information is then correlated with contextual and historical data such as maintenance history to establish a baseline for more advanced analytics.
  • Predictive analytics can then be run to identify potential failures or malfunctions before they occur.
  • Prescriptive Analytics and Intelligent Actions are executed to take the required actions to avoid problems – examples could include dispatching a service technician or replacing equipment

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