VIA’s IoT Analytics Delivers Real-Time Personalized Retail Experiences

Retailers collect more and more data via a wide variety of technologies. There are a wide array of data collection points – loyalty apps, instore tracking beacons, high resolution cameras, and more. But all the information collected by these tools will only achieve ROI if it can be combined to create highly personalized shopping experiences in real-time for consumers.

Capitalizing on these technology investments requires a unified platform to ingest the vast amounts of data being generated to deliver real-time customer-specific value propositions.

Vitria’s VIA IoT Analytics Platform includes a unified set of tools to finally give retailers the capabilities they need to fully address this challenge. It leverages streaming data from apps & devices and combines it in real-time with situational context on preferences, history and the environment to create personalized experiences at scale for your customers. Vitria’s analytics can identify opportunities for individualized experiences based on a predicted action, analyzing many thousands of events per second from all your connected sensors and apps.

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