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TXU Energy Improves Customer Service with Vitria Operational Intelligence

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Client Profile:
TXU Energy is the #1 choice in Texas, providing electricity and related services to more than two million Texas customers. TXU Energy delivers competitive market benefits to customers by providing competitive prices, innovative products, and tools to meet individual needs and deliver dependable customer service.


In an increasingly competitive market TXU Energy is focused on providing exceptional customer service to both current and new customers. With complex systems and interactions to manage, TXU Energy required an end-to-end, real-time view of their customer enrollment processes to ensure seamless customer service. To achieve this goal, TXU Energy needed to gain greater visibility into their processes, insight into the status of each process, identify processes in jeopardy, and be able to take corrective action to avoid impacting the customer.

Goals & Objectives:

  • Provide a clear view of the entire process across multiple applications including: SAP CRM, SAP IS-U, Inovis, TLE, and additional data centers
  • Deliver easily accessible and understandable role-based operational dashboards to business users
  • Identify process exceptions and enabling corrective action to minimize customer impacts
  • Deploy the new solution with minimal impact to existing systems
  • Establish a foundation for repeatable projects


  • Gained real-time visibility of key performance indicators to manage the Move-In Enrollment process via role-based operational dashboards
  • Reduced time to identify and correct customer contract exceptions
  • Reduced time to resolve enrollment errors from hours to minutes
  • Integrated new solution successfully with TXU Energy operational applications
  • Implemented a new technology platform that will play a critical role in delivering TXU Energy’s operational excellence commitments

Solution Overview

TXU Energy is utilizing Vitria M3O Operational Intelligence to provide real-time visibility into the end-to-end enrollment processes, manage those processes as they execute, and adjust them as needed. Vitria M3O Operational Intelligence enables TXU Energy to assess, in real time, its performance in managing functions such as new service, change of service, and termination of service to proactively identify and remediate factors that could adversely impact operations. M3O is a complete, integrated platform for Operational Intelligence applications that enables decision-makers to respond to changing business conditions, and increase operational efficiencies and overall responsiveness. Vitria partnered with Sendero Business Services, a Dallas-based management and technology services consulting company, to deliver the solution.

Pilot Project: End-to-End Enrollment Governance

TXU Energy selected Vitria’s M3O Operational Intelligence solution following a successful pilot engagement. During the initial project, TXU Energy was looking for a solution that would provide transparency across critical business operations. Specifically, the project focused on the customer onboarding process by tracking key performance indicators and business conditions at each step of the process to ensure exceptional customer service. Any issues (i.e., exceptions) were identified early and corrected prior to the customer experiencing any impact.

TXU Energy implemented Vitria’s M3O Operational Intelligence solution with the goal of providing effective governance of the customer onboarding process (known at TXU Energy as the “Move-In” process), and improving the responsiveness to ensure smooth delivery of Move-In services.

Vitria’s unified software platform was deployed and results delivered in under four weeks. The project required only one Vitria Architect who worked directly with Sendero and TXU Energy personnel throughout all phases of the project.

During the initial project the TXU Energy Operations Team worked with Vitria M3O Operational Intelligence and was immediately able to identify and correct contract errors during the test window. The dashboard below provides an example snapshot of the end-to-end Move-In process running on Vitria M3O. It demonstrates how TXU Energy was able to track the process flow, monitor that flow, and coordinate associated activities executed via manual user response, or automated based on exception handling policies.

With the process context provided by Vitria M3O Operational Intelligence, the TXU Energy Operations Team members could drill down into any process directly from the dashboard to examine exceptions more closely.

The Result: Complete Visibility for Exceptional Customer Service

TXU Energy now has a complete view of a critical business process across multiple applications and divisions. This integrated view of the customer experience enables TXU Energy to deliver exceptional customer service to existing customers as well as attract new customers. With Vitria’s M3O Operational Intelligence solution, TXU Energy has a repeatable Operational Intelligence platform to implement new projects that improve operational efficiencies across their customer care processes.

Customer service is crucial to maintaining our position as the leading energy company in the highly competitive Texas market. Vitria offers an integrated suite in which all components naturally work well together to provide real-time visibility across our internal information systems. This enables us to identify and correct service delivery issues before they occur and impact our customers.” – Kevin Chase CIO, TXU Energy


By combining five key technologies – complex event processing, business process management, visualization, workflow, and data feed management – in three modular, integrated products, Vitria’s Operational Intelligence solution delivered TXU Energy the visibility and insight to take optimal action and ensure exceptional customer service.

Deployment Summary

  • Vitria M3O Operational Intelligence Suite
  • Vitria Professional Services

Moving Forward

Based on the successful pilot, TXU Energy is deploying Vitria’s M3O Operational Intelligence solution across all enrollment processes with plans to extend the solution to the “Meter-to-Mail” process in the near future. TXU Energy’s goal will continue to be gaining greater visibility and insight into customer care processes in order to proactively prevent problems and ensure exceptional customer service. Additionally, TXU Energy continually looks for opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Partner Information:

Sendero is a management and technology consulting company. Their approach is to hire the best people from top consulting companies and universities, then leverage deep experience in the vertical industries they serve to deliver critical business engagements for their business partners. Sendero’s focus is always on delivering value and ensuring that what is provided far exceeds what was promised. Sendero does so in three main practice areas: Strategy and Business Management, Human Process, and Technology. Sendero’s mission is to provide a wide range of management consulting services to enable their business partners’ success. Sendero’s vision is to be the partner of choice for business success.

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