Smart Meter Service Assurance using VIA

As the value of digitalization and data increases for service providers and network operators, a need arises for a flexible, scalable software solution that can leverage derived insights quickly and in an automated fashion. The right platform needs to be flexible enough to work with all manner of technology footprints, while at the same time be agile enough to support both current and future use cases.

Vitria’s VIA platform is a comprehensive set of data ingestion, analytics, visualization and automation modules that make it easier for our partners and customers to build bespoke IoT solutions. Using VIA, we worked with our customer to build a Smart Meter Service Assurance solution that:

  • Ingests real-time readings of meter telemetry data (53M gas & electric meters)
  • Solves multiple use cases including power outage management, fraud detection, preventative maintenance, firmware update management, & process orchestration
  • Reduces MTTR through real-time intelligent alarms and alerts and incident prioritization

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