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Leveraging Advanced Analytics for Successful Implementation of a Smart Grid

advanced analytics for utilities white paper downloadApplications for advanced analytics in the utilities industry have the potential for adding significant business value in a number of ways:

  • Revenue enhancement via new services such as renewable power generation
  • Increased operational efficiency by better balancing of supply and demand
  • Reduced costs by prevention of power loss and other breakdowns
  • Enhanced security and grid resilience by automated detection and prevention of threats and problems before they impact operations

Achieving these outcomes depends on understanding the use cases across all the operations of the business. In an Internet of Things (IoT) context, one of the most important driving trends is the movement toward a “Smart Grid” environment.

This white paper provides background and examples of how advanced analytics can help drive successful implementation of a Smart Grid for Energy Utilities. Specific topics covered include:

  • How traditional utilities architectures can adapt for the Smart Grid
  • The wide range of potential Smart Grid use cases
  • Description of the analytics value chain and how it applies to the Smart Grid
  • An example of the application of advanced analytics for supply/demand balancing

The white paper concludes with a discussion of the Vitria IoT Analytics Platform. It is one of the most advanced tools available to help utilities move seamlessly to a Smart Grid model to gain timely insights and better business outcomes.

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