Leverage IoT Analytics to Optimize your Mobile & Location-Based Personnel

Retailers and companies that serve customers and equipment in widely dispersed locations depend on field personnel for successful operations and customer service. Ensuring field personnel like retailing staff or delivery people have the latest information, equipment & materials is crucial for ensuring productivity and high customer satisfaction. They are usually supported with dedicated systems and mobile devices and apps. Despite these investments, service levels are often lagging and create openings for competitors with better systems.

The Vitria VIA IoT Analytics Platform is a comprehensive and unified set of services for addressing these challenges. It enables managers to monitor personnel locations schedules, and workflow to improve performance. The platform leverages both real-time and historical data from all network devices, applications, and mobile apps to deliver continuous context for up to date decision making. VIA’s predictive and prescriptive analytics enable operations executives to anticipate issue like equipment breakdowns or staff shortages, and recommends actions to prevent issues before they happen or become major problems.

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