IoT Analytics Keeps Complex Manufacturers Up and Running

The complexity of modern factory equipment – particularly in technology intensive industries – is high. IoT offers potential to address this challenge, but the platforms and technologies up until now have been too difficult to implement and did not deliver results.

Vitria’s VIA IoT Analytics Platform was architected on the principle of an Analytics Value Chain (AVC). The AVC provides a methodology to work through the complexity of leveraging Real-Time IoT Analytics for complex manufacturing. AVC guides teams through a rigorous step-by-step process to gain value from IoT Analytics in their manufacturing operations.

  • The first step is ingesting all critical data in real-time to provide a baseline for analysis
  • Next is the correlation of that data with historical maintenance and performance data
  • Situational context is provided by integrating maintenance schedules, error trends, and other real-time behavior
  • These initial steps enable managers to predict possibly equipment slow-downs, breakdown, or malfunctions and those predictions in turn give managers and executives the ability to fix issues before they become costly or disruptive

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