OI 4 Big Data Analytics

Continuous, Real-Time Analytics on Big Data in Motion & at Rest

Big Data refers to the volume, velocity and variety of highly-structured, semi-structured and loosely-structured data that is in motion (streaming) and at rest (stored). The analysis of Big Data presents tremendous opportunity to gain competitive advantage through better business, technical and customer insight.

However, most approaches to Big Data analytics only work with Big Data at rest. This means that analytic results, such as trends and patterns, only consider what has happened in the past without consideration for what is happening at this moment.

Vitria Operational Intelligence (OI) provides real-time visibility into both Big Data in Motion and Big Data at Rest. Big Data in Motion includes data from smart grid meters, RSS feeds, computer networks and social media sites. Big Data at rest includes data residing in databases, data warehouses, enterprise applications and Big Data frameworks such as Hadoop implementations.

Vitria Big Data Analytics Features and Benefits:

Continuous, real-time analytics
on Big Data in motion
  • See operational and business performance metrics, in real-time
Single view of both streaming data & historical data
  • See anomalies as they occur

Analyze structured, richly structured &
loosely-structured data

  • Identify time-sensitive information
    & enrich with business context

    Correlate, compare & combine data from multiple data sources

    • Complete situational awareness:
      understand the whole picture
    • Early detection of anomalies and discovery of emerging trends from Facebook to smart phones to Hadoop implementations

    High-Performance, Complex-Event Processing (CEP) Engine

    • Continuously analyze and act upon significant events, in real-time
    • Scale to handle Big Data challenges of any size
    In-memory processing of all analytics
    • Instant and continuously updated results and calculations
    Detect patterns of threats and opportunities
    • Take early action: move from
      reactive to proactive
    Predictive Analysis
    (including Bayesian analysis)
    • Make better decisions based on real-time (up to the second) data
    Drill into Big Data, in motion & at rest
    • Continuously mine insights
      and detect patterns, in real-time
    Multi-dimensional analysis
    • Analyze data from different angles to identify key contributing factors
    Specialized Map-Reduce techniques
    for Big Data in Motion
    • Elastically scale Big Data analytics across Big Data in motion
    Stream analytic results from Hadoop
    into OI Apps
    • Gain insight into Big Data via live dashboards
    OI Apps
    • Quickly bring better knowledge and decisions to daily operations
    • Empower Business Analysts and Data Scientists to define analytics
    • Share business models, goals, dashboards & insights
    Pre-built and pluggable “non-intrusive” connectors
    • Connect to a variety of sources from Big Data frameworks, from Hadoop to SAP to no-SQL databases
    Built on Open Standards: J2EE, BPMN, Xquery
    • Seamless integration with evolving
      Big Data ecosystem
    • Leverage known & available skill sets

    Modern organizations require 360* of visibility into operations to be fully informed. Even more so, they need analytic results in time to gain a competitive advantage.

    With Vitria Operational Intelligence, organizations gain continuous, real-time insight into Big Data, complex events and business processes to reach performance
    and efficiency levels that were previously unattainable.

    Vitria Operational Intelligence for Big Data Architecture