OI Apps

Operational Intelligence (OI) Apps: Taking Action on Continuous, Real-Time Insight

Vitria’s Operational Intelligence (OI) apps are lightweight, easily configured web applications that deliver continuous, real-time business insights enabled by streaming analytics. OI Apps are an industry-first, delivering out-of-the-box insights into streaming Big Data, complex events, and business processes to drive rapid, informed decisions and intelligent actions on critical issues, such as KPIs, business process detection, and customer experience. Easy enough for business users to configure, an OI App eliminates the need for time-consuming IT development work by packaging real-time analytics functionality within an intuitive and lightweight web application.

Vitria’s OI Apps can be up-and-running in minutes, giving organizations unprecedented time-to-value and ROI. Pre-packaged or customized OI Apps can be shared across a team or an entire organization to drive informed action.

Through continuous, real-time analytics, Vitria’s OI Apps enable enterprises to take proactive steps to optimize customer experience, increase loyalty, and reduce churn and risk.

Available OI Apps: