OI 4 Elastic Scalability

An elastic Cloud architecture can scale capacity up or down as the user demands at the speed of full automation. Scalability is a feature of the underlying infrastructure and software platform. Elasticity is associated with not only scale, but also an economic model that enables scaling in both directions in an automated fashion. This means that services scale on demand to add or remove resources as needed.

Only Vitria Operational Intelligence provides an elastically scalable Operational Intelligence architecture to meet your continuous, real-time Big Data analytics challenges, with ease. Available on-premise or in the Cloud, Vitria OI is the first multi-tiered, multi-threaded, clustering OI architecture that scales to meet demand. Equipped with in-memory processing of all analytics and dynamic workload assignment, Vitria OI is designed to deliver N+K resiliency.

Vitria’s Elastically Scalable OI Architecture: Features & Benefits

Feature: Benefit:
Elastic scalability
  • Dynamically scale to meet demand
  • Enable rapid deployment and prioritization of new Apps
Cloud-enabled, multi-tier, clustering architecture
  • Run in the Cloud: private clouds, hybrid clouds & public/partner clouds
Automatic load partitioning & assignment
  • Dynamic workload assignment (by policy) optimizes hardware utilization
Fault-tolerance and robustness
  • Achieve high-availability for N+K resiliency
Streamlined solution development environment
  • Faster time to value
OI Apps
  • Easy to use Apps continuously deliver immediate value to end users
  • Rapidly collaborate via shared spaces and live dashboards
  • Reduce IT workload
Integrated platform
  • Built from ground-up to provide a simple and cohesive experience
  • Easy to install, use and maintain on commodity hardware