OI 4 Advanced Process Intelligence

Vitria OI for Advanced Process Intelligence

Most business processes interact with a variety of enterprise software applications, such as ERP and CRM systems, that were not designed to provide Advanced Process Intelligence into operations. Even more so, broken business processes are difficult to identify and often conceal new business opportunities and risks, resulting in costly service-level agreement (SLA) violations and customer enrollment errors. As a result of the lack of intelligence into advanced operational processes, strategic initiatives that drive revenue, such as increasing customer loyalty or maintaining regulatory compliance, are impacted.

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Operational Intelligence gives business and operations teams real-time Advanced Process Intelligence into these processes by identifying issues not otherwise detected by “silo” management reports and reporting systems. This includes the increasingly important and complex customer enrollment processes, which often have workflows that span multiple systems and business partners.  Only Vitria OI provides Advanced Process Intelligence to:

  • Continuously measure and improve process outcomes.
  • Gain deeper insights from hidden business processes.
  • Provide a 360-degree view of your business, in real-time.

Vitria OI for Advanced Process Intelligence solution can be added without disrupting existing applications and processes, and, without introducing new risks into legacy business processes. With Vitria OI for Advanced Process Intelligence, the time to identify and correct broken processes is greatly reduced, enabling operations to improve customer facing processes across all systems to increase customer loyalty, improve compliance management and reduce costs.

Vitria Advanced Process Intelligence Features and Benefits:

Continuous, Real-time Process Intelligence
  • Continuously, measure, monitor and improve process outcomes
  • Quickly model and capture business processes, key KPIs and business goals
    Analyze process performance across multiple dimensions
    • Discover cycle-times, bottlenecks, spot anomalies & trigger actions
    • Provide actionable insight into
      end-to-end process performance
    Discover and monitor processes
    from activity logs to event streams
    • Gain deeper real-time insights
      from “hidden” business processes
    Advanced pattern matching
    • Predict process behavior
      (using happy & exception path analysis) to address business needs
      and respond to changing risk factors
    Predictive Analysis (including Bayesian)
    • Predict behavior, conduct root cause analysis & optimize resources
    Bottleneck and Productivity Analysis
    • Identify and resolve process bottlenecks as they occur
    Correlate Past, Present and Future (predictive) process outcomes
    • Detect anomalies, predict outcomes and take pro-active action
    OI Apps for Process Intelligence & Situational Monitoring
    • Create and deploy continuous KPIs
      for real-time monitoring
    • Enable simple business user modeling to capture a business process
    • Interactively discover processes from activity logs & event streams
    • Achieve actionable insight into enterprise-wide business processes
    Powerful and rich, pre-generated process dashboards
    • Rapidly visualize IT KPIs, SLAs, bottleneck, outlier and goal analysis
    BPMN 2.0 compliant
    • Full BPMS and workflow capabilities

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