Business Process Integration Features

Key Features of Vitria’s Business Process Integration

  • Native support for messaging on JMS, MQ, & Vitria Communicator
  • Pre-built connectors for many enterprise applications & data transport standards
  • Asynchronous, synchronous, & batch interaction modes
  • All integration elements can be combined and leveraged as components for easy reuse
  • High performance XQuery engine for data validation, transformation, & queries
  • Capabilities include state management, nested & concurrent models, time-based triggers
  • Specialized capabilities for managing business process exceptions
  • Configurable security framework
  • Integrated solution lifecycle management
  • Design-time repository for reusable components & metadata
  • Model-driven testing accelerates debugging of all or part of a solution
  • Inherit post-deployment configuration changes at redeployment
  • System monitoring & alerting via JMX MBeans
  • Clustering & load-balancing for reliability & performance