Benefits of BusinessWare

Better connectivity forbroader usage: Vitria Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) provides the most comprehensive set of connectors to consume data from almost any source such as packaged applications, databases, JMS, MQ, etc. This means that when you choose Vitria ESB, you can rest assured that you will be able to plug in any of your existing or future applications rapidly and more importantly leverage investments in existing heterogeneous infrastructure. Vitria’s customers are able to connect to literally any data source by virtue of the availability of the broadest array of connectors in the industry.

Platform-Agnostic means faster deployment and lower costs: Because Vitria ESB is platform-agnostic, you can deploy it on top of any major existing application server. This implies you can save the time required to install and prepare the application server which leads to a shorter adoption time. Vitria ESB, being application server agnostic, also allows you to connect to any application server of your choice – you can start using ESB on top of it without additional investment on another application server tied to the ESB. For example, Vitria’s customers worldwide are taking advantage of this platform-agnostic nature of Vitria ESB to connect to open source application server JBoss and are able to deploy their applications in production in record times.

Design once, deploy multiple times means lower cost and faster deployment: Vitria ESB being platform-agnostic enables you to design an application once on any major application server and deploy it on multiple, different application servers very quickly. This means that you can focus on designing the application on any platform of your choice with the confidence that you will be able to deploy it on any number or combination of application servers regardless of which application server(s) you might need to support in the future.