Operational Intelligence (OI) is a form of real-time dynamic business analytics that delivers visibility and insight into business operations. With Operational Intelligence, real-time information is used to improve and accelerate executive decisions.

Vitria Operational Intelligence 4 is the only unified platform to combine continuous, real-time analytics on Big Data, streaming events and business processes for immediately actionable insights. On-premise or in the Cloud, with Vitria OI, organizations improve customer experience, optimize operational efficiency and make faster, better decisions.

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Operational Intelligence with Integrated BPM


BusinessWare® is Vitria’s proven Integration-centric BPM platform for business process integration and business-to-business integration (B2Bi). BusinessWare combines  capabilities for business process management and event-driven integration, all in the same unified modeling and execution environment. Companies use Business Process Management to evaluate, redesign, and optimize new and existing business processes.

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